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Welcome to VR Agent, a brand new attendant free, coin-operated VR game that brings the best of arcade shooting in the highly immersive VR format.

In this hot and fast action game, player travel around different scenes as an agent sniper and eliminate terrorists with pistol, shot gun and machine gun. 


VR Agent
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Tired of playing with those VR glasses that cause motion sickness? Then play VR Agent, the latest Virtual Reality (VR) arcade machine that indulge players in a unique gun shooting experience that one has never been encountered before.

The VR aiming controller is a true innovation, as the VR headset is fused to the gun controller, thus ushering an evolution in VR gaming, and making it viable for arcades or FEC's. The controller lower instantly allowing the player to quickly get into the action and is lifted at the end, hence significantly increasing throughput and efficiency. 


VR Agent animated logo_web_1.gif

VR Agent supports games up to 4 player co-op where you can share the joy of fighting and strategic cooperations with other players to complete missions one after another. 

VR Agent game features:
•  Attendant free, coin operated VR game

•  Immersive Missions with unique VR aiming Control with Haptic Rumble feedback  

•  Robot Mode - family-friendly option changes enemies to robots

•  Linkable up to 2 cabinets for multiplayer action
•  5 thrilling mission locations with Final Level to face the Mastermind
•  2 Game Modes:
          - Single-play
          - Multi-play 
•  Game Difficulties: Easy and Normal and Hard 
•  Air cannon system for enhanced VR experience 
•  Full LED illuminated Cabinet

VR Agent was developed by 3MindWave.

Please email for order or sales enquiry. 

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