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Storm Rider 2 LOGO_en.png

Immersive and adrenaline-fueled, Storm Rider 2 is the latest motorcycle racing game developed and created by 3MINDWAVE with "Unreal Engine 4". 

The game features 4 tracks in unique styles, as well as 4 types of cool motorcycles and their respective racers. This game supports up to 4 players in cabinet-linked battles, and players can also do single-player championships alone. Boosters are out on the track for acquisition, which can assist motorcycle's sprint by leaps and bounds.

The exquisite cabinet is also equipped with real dynamic stimulating devices and touch-screen controls. Special designed motion platform and air cannon system will provide players with comprehensive range of road feedback and unprecedented realistic riding experience. 

Come take a ride and let the high speed awaken your instincts!

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