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VR Agent wins VR Experts' hearts at AWE EU

Virtual Reality (VR) has rapidly emerged as a transformative technology, revolutionizing various industries and captivating the imaginations of people worldwide. At the recent Augmented World Expo Europe (AWE EU) held in Vienna, one particular VR experience left a lasting impression on attendees and experts alike. It was VR AGENT, which garnered widespread acclaim and won the hearts of many VR enthusiasts!

3MINDWAVE's participation at AWE EU with our VR Agent was a resounding success. Attendees who played the game was transported to fantastical worlds and engaged in thrilling adventures. The combination of stunning visuals and seamless interactivity left the VR community in awe.

We would like to take this moment to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who have visited our booth, engaged with our game and shared their valuable feedback. You presence and support made AWE EU a truly memorable event for us, and we eagerly look forward to meeting you again in future exhibitions!

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